Pheromone Products Are In High Demand For Cosmetics and Fragrance Manufacturers

Pheromone perfumes and colognes are starting to hit the shelves all over mainstream retail outlets -- and while a lot of people remain largely skeptical, there is evidence to show that they do in fact work. Pheromones are starting to become high demand marketing items because of their somewhat "incredible" claims of being able to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. 

While some vendors make outragous claims as to their effectiveness, there are a handful of pheromone vendors who have quietly been selling highly advanced pheromone formulas (often containing over 7, well balanced pheromones together) -- and providing men and women with an invisible "upper hand" in the game of love.

Fragrances have a long history among both genders as a way to moderately boost the sex appeal of the wearer. Could it be that pheromones are the next natural step in the evolution of this age old strategy? From kings being able to have this luxury, to the average Joe... 

Surprisingly. body washes and also hair shampoo have also started to use similar ingredients. A product named "dial magnetic" uses a pheromone called androstadienone in order -- a well research pheromone known to produce feeligns of affection in women. It has also been studied in a social context, where they were asked to rate men before and after being exposed. The results? Women rated men as 10% more attractive after exposure to androstadienone.

While some pheromone vendors relentlessly try to hype up their products without delivering, there are a few niche vendors -- such as Alpha Dream pheromones (reviews in the link) who continue to lead the way with their high quality products for both men and women. Instead of using false claims, they allow others to test the products -- and as evidenced by the reviews at House Of Pheromones, offer unique, quality products that speak for themselves.

Some of the most intriguing effects of using pheromone products is that they are designed to influence social interactions in the way you want them. Whether it's to have attractive women look upon you more favorably, or create a "stunning" VIP type of impression on people, or whether it's simply to be seen as a high value person by your peers. So then, it goes without saying that if it affects other people, then it will affect the wearer in a similar manner.

These effects are called "self effects". Once your body has become adjusted to the effects of pheromones, you find that you naturally adopt the qualities of the "vibe" whichever pheromone product you're using is projecting. For example, one of the Alpha Dream products (mentioned earlier), Alfa Maschio is designed to make women see you as more attractive and alpha. However, even if you're not "attractive and alpha", you will slowly adapt to the pheromone signature of the product, and pick up the qualities of someone who IS. 

Numerous scientists have questioned whether or not pheromones in humans (or the lack thereof) have any psycological impact on yourself or other people. Naturally, there are a lot of disagreements in the scientific community, and often the discussion of a human organ called the "vomeronasal organ" (or VNO) comes into the question. It's a fact that animals still use pheromones in nature - for finding food, mates, prey, friends, etc. But how closely are humans tied to the vicious animal kingdom?

In the past, it was extremely common for people to go extended periods of months on end without showering or cleansing. Pheromones are ectohormones which are naturally produced in sweat, and by that reasoning scent signals were significantly higher in older times. Frankly, we don't want to try this experiment, but it was likely that males and females also shared a much stronger and more intimate connection with eachother when primal signals like pheromones may have played a greater role in human interaction. 

While pheromones are still a relatively new area of study for scientists, we can't help but be extremely intrigued by how the products work, and also by the growing pheromone community who use these products on a regular basis. Frankly, there is a lot to learn, but we will definitely keep an eye on future developments of this technology. 


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